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Red Squirrel Network Meeting

Tuesday 23 May 2023
19:00 to 21:00

The Teviot and Borthwick Red Squirrel Network was formed with the help of Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels in 2018 to conserve red squirrels. The area we cover are the Teviot and Borthwick river valleys. Most of the current active members live in the Borthwick Valley and we want to change this to include the Teviot! If you’re interested in any aspect of red squirrel conservation come along on the 23rd.

The network is part of the Borthwick Water Community Development Trust but this is mainly for administrative purposes.

Last meeting we looked at the Borthwick valley and where the squirrels are located and we’d like to do the same in the Teviot valley, as well as catch up on any news and activity. We have equipment available for monitoring and recording squirrels.

We’re also meeting Victoria Chanin of Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels on Tuesday 16th May at the Forman Hall car park, Roberton at 11am. We’ll be taking Victoria to look at the squirrel habitats in the Borthwick Valley.

Please log sightings of both red and grey squirrels on the SSRS website or email us with the location and we’ll log them for you.

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